Where there is desire there is gonna be a flame

I'm in a odd place right now. Another semester just ended but the closer I get to finishing my bachelors, the further away it gets. I'm trying to add an English minor because I love to write and I want to incorporate that into my future career. That's going to be an extra semester, at [...]


Oh goodness…

Well it's been a minute. I got out of the habit of writing but I want to get back into it, I like the release it gives me and it helps me quiet the noise in the ol' noggin. I'm not sure where to start. Not because my life has been THAT exciting but some [...]

She dreams in color…

This is my dog, Dora. She's the best girl. My most favorite dog in the world. When she was a puppy I read that it was important to wear her out mentally just as much as physically. I didn't understand this. How do you wear a dog out mentally? The books said to teach her [...]