Just making it through

Well, so far today has been a good one. I had a class cancelled (yep, that's a good thing), I ran, got my life together and I've been checking things off my to-do list all day. Okay, so there not big things but they're little things that are adding up to something bigger so yay [...]


Out with the fake, in with the real

When I first moved into my mom's house a few months ago, I had three rooms as exclusively mine that I could do whatever I want with. One was the living room and the other two were bedrooms. I took the second bedroom and turned into a gym. I had two benches, a variety of [...]

You’re my wonderwall…

Well the treadmill earned its keep today. Since I got it up and running I've only been using it to walk on an incline. This is partly because I'm worried that I'm too out of shape to run and also because the console wasn't secured yet. I secured it last night and decided to do [...]