You wouldn't know by reading this, but I've started this entry about 4 or 5 times (okay, 7, 7 times) and then hit 'backspace' until I was looking at the empty white screen again. I feel like I should be writing this deep and insightful post about what life means or overcoming challenges or even [...]


What did I get myself into??

People...being in college is hard. It seemed so easy in the first semester. Classes were easy and I managed (for the most part) to keep up with my work. I'm only in my second week of classes and I am overwhelmed! I am taking almost twice the classes that I did in the first semester [...]

Perfect hurts

I've got a mean perfectionist streak but you probably wouldn't know it by looking at me. I certainly don't look like perfection. Perfection isn't conveyed in my work or much that I do. However, I certainly feel the pressure to be a perfect person and I crumble underneath it. I've read theories that perfectionists are [...]

Here it is…

Well, I'm officially, 35 years old. A 35-year-old college student living with mom. Yep, I'm awesome. Stay back boys, I know you all want to get with this hot dish. In all seriousness, this day has been as joyful as you would it expect it to be for a 35-year-old college student that still lives [...]

She dreams in color…

This is my dog, Dora. She's the best girl. My most favorite dog in the world. When she was a puppy I read that it was important to wear her out mentally just as much as physically. I didn't understand this. How do you wear a dog out mentally? The books said to teach her [...]

The future was wide open…

I had a thought last night. There's so much negative in the world right now. There's positive too but, I feel like, the negative is louder and it gets more attention. I need a balance. I need to put something positive out to help slide the scales in favor of the positive. I've been trying [...]