The reality we create

As a frequent reader of self-help books, I've come across the same saying repeatedly: You create your own reality. I've never fully realized what that meant until recently. I stress out and get overwhelmed when I take 6 classes at a time which I've done for the last 2 semesters. This feeling that I need [...]



I don't want to do my homework, it's boring to read and I don't enjoy the class or the instructor. Today's post is brought to you by: procrastination! It's been a minute since I've really journaled or blogged so this may be a little long. Or it may be really short, we'll see when I [...]

Embrace the suck

I hurt in a way that I haven't hurt in years, but it's a good thing. My 10k training schedule had me do 3 rounds of 15 minutes running and 1 minute walking. Not going to lie, I gassed out real quick. Maybe 10 minutes into the first round I was ready to throw in [...]