My own worst enemy

I am my own worst enemy. The dialogue that I constantly have in my head, I would say only of someone who I hate. I look in the mirror and think 'ugh, you just look nasty, why don't you take care of yourself better.' I try to find something to wear and think, 'what will [...]


Not all that glitters…

To say I haven't been in my happy place is kind of an understatement. I'm not suicidal but I am miserable. I've succumbed to my misery and just accepted that maybe I'm meant to be a miserable person which seems like a form of suicide itself. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration but not [...]

Perfect hurts

I've got a mean perfectionist streak but you probably wouldn't know it by looking at me. I certainly don't look like perfection. Perfection isn't conveyed in my work or much that I do. However, I certainly feel the pressure to be a perfect person and I crumble underneath it. I've read theories that perfectionists are [...]

The dating muscle

I was listening to a podcast today and someone on it made a passing comment comparing dating to a muscle. They said 'the more dates you go on, the easier it is. If you haven't been on a date in a while, it can be nerve wracking.' I don't know what this person's definition of [...]

Here it is…

Well, I'm officially, 35 years old. A 35-year-old college student living with mom. Yep, I'm awesome. Stay back boys, I know you all want to get with this hot dish. In all seriousness, this day has been as joyful as you would it expect it to be for a 35-year-old college student that still lives [...]