The reality we create

As a frequent reader of self-help books, I've come across the same saying repeatedly: You create your own reality. I've never fully realized what that meant until recently. I stress out and get overwhelmed when I take 6 classes at a time which I've done for the last 2 semesters. This feeling that I need [...]


Still here

Well, it's been a minute. Heads up: What follows is going to be part pity party but it will be followed up by a rousing call to arms...hopefully. I don't remember when my last rambling here was, may have been last year. Honestly, I don't care enough to look it up right now but, regardless, [...]


I don't want to do my homework, it's boring to read and I don't enjoy the class or the instructor. Today's post is brought to you by: procrastination! It's been a minute since I've really journaled or blogged so this may be a little long. Or it may be really short, we'll see when I [...]

How Far We’ve Come

I used to live my life in cycles. I would have a few weeks, maybe a month or so, of goodness. I would feel great and excited about my life, motivated to make changes and be the best version of myself. Then, something would happen. Someone would upset me or I would get sick or [...]

Where there is desire there is gonna be a flame

I'm in a odd place right now. Another semester just ended but the closer I get to finishing my bachelors, the further away it gets. I'm trying to add an English minor because I love to write and I want to incorporate that into my future career. That's going to be an extra semester, at [...]

You won’t beat me, negativity!

Last week was great. I did self-care, took care of myself, indulged a little...and by a little I mean a lot. I stuffed my face like a turkey. I felt productive every day and I maintained a positive mind-set. Then came today, and I had to head back out into the real world, where the [...]

To the end

I was having a text conversation with a friend the other day and I asked her for show recommendations. The semester is almost over so I'm about to have an abundance of free time and what better way to use it than binge watching some quality shows. I had the same response to almost every [...]