Who am I? Seriously, I have no idea

What do you do when your reality doesn't match your desire? I've been thinking about this the last few days. I guess I've really been thinking about it my whole life. There is who I actually am and then there's the person I want to be and they don't match up at all. The person [...]


This too shall pass

I am a big ol' cheeseball. I like to get read motivational quotes and watch moving YouTube videos. I'll send my friends inspirational memes that tell them how magical they are. I attempt to give speeches and advice that raises spirits and heals souls ala almost every episode of 'Grey's Anatomy'. The truth is, being [...]

The dating muscle

I was listening to a podcast today and someone on it made a passing comment comparing dating to a muscle. They said 'the more dates you go on, the easier it is. If you haven't been on a date in a while, it can be nerve wracking.' I don't know what this person's definition of [...]

Gettin’ on with the gettin’ on…

Where to start...my first semester of college is done, only 6-7 more to go! I managed to get by with 3 A's and B. They could have been better but I lost my happy place for a few weeks in the middle there. I'm already a day into the next semester but with only 2 [...]

Here it is…

Well, I'm officially, 35 years old. A 35-year-old college student living with mom. Yep, I'm awesome. Stay back boys, I know you all want to get with this hot dish. In all seriousness, this day has been as joyful as you would it expect it to be for a 35-year-old college student that still lives [...]