To tell the truth

When I was younger, I lied. A lot. I don't know if I was a pathological liar but I think I was pretty close. I started lying as a way to avoid the wrath of authority figures (hello, mom and dad), it was like a survival instinct. Then, as a teenager, I started lying to [...]


Do your shit

Occam's Razor. Not going to lie, I only know this phrase because of the many medical t.v. shows I've watched over the years. It's an idea that the simplest solution is usually the right one. It's the more intelligent cousin of the saying 'if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it's [...]

Out with the fake, in with the real

When I first moved into my mom's house a few months ago, I had three rooms as exclusively mine that I could do whatever I want with. One was the living room and the other two were bedrooms. I took the second bedroom and turned into a gym. I had two benches, a variety of [...]

Perfect hurts

I've got a mean perfectionist streak but you probably wouldn't know it by looking at me. I certainly don't look like perfection. Perfection isn't conveyed in my work or much that I do. However, I certainly feel the pressure to be a perfect person and I crumble underneath it. I've read theories that perfectionists are [...]

I’m not doing too bad after all

I met my aunts yesterday for lunch. I adore these women. They are warm and loving. No matter how long it is between visits, I always feel so welcomed and loved when I'm around them. Yesterday though I felt a new feeling, a kind of validation. I don't know where it came from, they didn't [...]

Why is it hard to not care?

I am 35 years old. 35 years old and a college student. Not even in graduate school, undergraduate just trying to get a basic 4 year bachelors degree. My peers are 18 to 22 year old young adults starting their lives. In case you haven't picked up on it, I feel really old and way [...]