New day

I started a new job today. The most stressful part of my day? Deciding what to wear. I spent 12 years wearing the same uniform to work and the last 10 months wearing the same colored scrubs to work. The idea of actually choosing an 'outfit' and a 'style' for my work clothes was exciting [...]


Just a little unsteady

For the past two weeks I have been giving myself a to-do list every day. It started as a way to just structure my day and keep me on task. Okay, I started it so I would get my lazy ass off the couch. It's worked wonders, I've been more productive in the last two [...]

Treat yo’ self 2018

You see this face. This is the face of someone who made self-care a priority today even though she didn't want to. My life is not terribly busy. I go to school but it doesn't overwhelm me to the point where I feel like I have no free time. I haven't worked in over a [...]

A road map for life

Today, I was faced with one of my first challenges in trying to better myself. It was snowing, I was comfy and my to-do list was long so I very seriously thought about skipping my afternoon appointment at the VA. It was a mental health and considering just a couple of weeks ago I was [...]

You won’t beat me, negativity!

Last week was great. I did self-care, took care of myself, indulged a little...and by a little I mean a lot. I stuffed my face like a turkey. I felt productive every day and I maintained a positive mind-set. Then came today, and I had to head back out into the real world, where the [...]

To the end

I was having a text conversation with a friend the other day and I asked her for show recommendations. The semester is almost over so I'm about to have an abundance of free time and what better way to use it than binge watching some quality shows. I had the same response to almost every [...]