Back off I’ll take you on…

Well for all my big talk yesterday about how much I love running in the cold, I almost wussed out on my run today. I told myself that I could use today as my rest day and run tomorrow when it’s warmer…then I told myself I need to acclimate and I’ve run in colder. I went out there with leggings and a thick hoody, faced the chill and the wind…and felt like a complete baby when I passed people in tanks, tees and shorts. It was 50 degrees and windy, I wasn’t about to go out with anything less than I had on. I actually got a little irritated at those other people, how dare they handle the cold better than me and make me feel bad about myself…and who are they to be showing off their fit bodies, taking care of themselves better than I do, jeesh, the nerve I tell ya…Yes I was irritated but, obviously, I was mad at myself and not them. Not mad…frustrated, I guess.

I’m still struggling to bring my good vibes back. Sometimes I think maybe I just need a hug and that will right things. That’s the problem with being single and having friends in different time zones, you have to make do with what you have. I try to hug my dog and cat but they just look at me like I’m inconveniencing them with my love…this has taken a weird turn, I should quit while I’m ahead…



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